Extracurricular Activities and B Schools

Extracurricular activities and b schools

There is a common perception about campus life that it's all about fun, events and joy. Thanks to our Hindi movies, we have a picture of campus life that is full of activities that have nothing to do with studies. If it is your mind-set when you are enrolling for a b school, alas, you need to change it as management program is not a simple graduate program and expect much more maturity and dedication from fellow students. However, in a management program too, you can have some activities that can sharpen your management skills and at the same level, give you some enriching and funny experience. If you are looking for a top b school in Ahmadabad, ensure that following activities are performed in the campus that can help you in the field where you have actual responsibilities.


Group discussions

Well, if you are preparing for any competitive exams, you must have heard about group discussions. A bunch of people sit together and discuss about a particular topic. Well, in an ideal b school, such activities are highly recommended as it will enrich students’ experiences and give them a needed dose of discussion ethics and it will surely help them in the future. Group discussions will give you a chance to represent you in a more meaningful manner and how to give a counter view of arguments. In short, a superlative learning experience.


Quiz club

Quiz clubs are too excellent to enhance knowledge about current business affairs and happenings and it will prepare students to know things about unexplored territories. Generally, b schools also encourage students to participate in inter-college and inter-state quiz competitions and it is a great way to expand your horizons. Before choosing a top b school in Ahmadabad, ensure that you check whether a school conducts such quiz programs or not.


Industrial visits

One of the most prominent and important activities that should be conducted in almost all b schools is industrial visits at regular intervals. Management education is not just about classroom learning. If you really want to explore practical know-how, you need to visit industries and explore how they run and conduct business. It will surely help students to get a real time taste of what they have learnt at the school and will be a great experience for them.


Case studies and presentations

Case studies are real or hypothetical industrial situations that help students to understand actual problems faced in the business environment. Such case study sessions are excellent experience for students to give their valuable inputs to complex situations and will improve their decision making and problem solving skills.


Entrepreneurship club

An ideal MBA program creates leaders, not just employees. An entrepreneurship club will give a new outlook to students who have ideas to explore. Such clubs meet at regular intervals and come up with ideas and how they can convert them into successful businesses. It will be a great initiative for students who really have leadership skills.


Keep above things in mind while choosing a top b school in Ahmedabad. 


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